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Google vs Facebook

One reason why Google OpenSocial courting Microsoft et al might fail:Facebook Really is That Company Speaking of Facebook pre-IPO excitement, the following note ex-Googler, and new Facebook-er, Justin Rosenstein has been sending...

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World Map of Social Networks

You guys seen this – map created by Wandamere, and discussed on Valleywag: Click on it to get a bigger map, that you can read.Here’s some of the article for the lazy: Let’s play global domination. Here’s...

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About Laurel

Laurel Papworth aka SilkCharm connects with 6.8 million people through social media each month and has 11,000 online students studying social media with her. Laurel was named by Forbes Magazine in the Top 50 Social Media Influencers globally and has taught Facebook, Blogging etc at the University of Sydney for 10 years. Laurel: About and Online Courses