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  1. I had to smile at the job benefits. Reminds me of a law firm, you want the staff there like its a second home as much as you can.

    Catered meals – you work longer at the office

    Laptop in the deal – you can work on weekends too

    Beverages and snacks on site, not need to leave the building for a coffee run.

    Gym membership – we don’t want you stressing out or getting tired of all this work.

    Bonus to live close to the office, with parking, so you are just around the corner and can pop into work on the weekends.

    Social activities at work – got have you bonded to the work culture.

    Or maybe they are just trying to keep staff.

    Still opening up the profile would be good. Humm maybe they could consider OpenID and OAuth, instead of the current phishing induced methods.

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