Facebook Profiles portable (and Facebook jobs)

Summary: Facebook profiles accessible externally, jobs at Facebook including incredible perks.
A week ago in my post Facebook Doesn’t Suck I mentioned that profile information is accessible to any developer who wants to create an application for that purpose, but that no dev had, probably because they want to keep the member in facebook. Now, Linuxworld Australia reports:

WEB 2.0 – Facebook wants to make members’ data portable

Facebook wants to make the data its members enter into the social network’s profiles portable, so that they can move that data to other online services if they want, the company’s CEO said this week.

That Facebook doesn’t let them do this today is “a flaw in the system” and something the company wants to fix, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco.

“It’s the users’ data. We want to [make it portable.] That’s the goal,” he said during a keynote speech in which he fielded questions from moderator and conference chair John Battelle and attendees.

However, when pressed to provide a timetable for when Facebook might do this, Zuckerberg refrained from making a deadline commitment. “I don’t know,” he said.

The rest of the article talks about protecting 3rd party applications – no hijacking by Zuckerberg. Funding, and how the jobs are increasing from 300 to 700 in the coming year. Court cases and stats:

Founded in 2004, Facebook’s popularity has been ballooning for the past year or so. Its user ranks have increased to 47 million active users today from 12 million in December. Over half of its active members return to the site daily.

Talking of jobs at Facebook, check out Jobs at Facebook. There’s quite a toilet roll of a list:

Software Engineering



Sales and Account Management



God bless America – look at the perks:

Facebook rewards its employees with great salaries and options packages, plus numerous benefits and perks:

  • Medical, dental and vision plans with no premium for employees
  • 401(k) plan
  • 21 vacation days per year, plus 8 company holidays and 2 floating holidays
  • Complimentary catered breakfast, lunch and dinner daily
  • Complimentary beverages and snacks
  • Dry cleaning and laundry service onsite
  • Free downtown parking permit

  • Subsidized gym membership
  • Catered
  • Friday Happy Hours at the office
  • $600/month housing subsidy if you live within one mile of the office
  • Standard-issue 30″ LCD monitors and your option of 15″ Apple MacBook Pro or IBM ThinkPad
  • Worldwide notoriety by having your face on sample Facebook Flyers

Sign me up!

Laurel Papworth

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One thought on “Facebook Profiles portable (and Facebook jobs)

  1. I had to smile at the job benefits. Reminds me of a law firm, you want the staff there like its a second home as much as you can.

    Catered meals – you work longer at the office

    Laptop in the deal – you can work on weekends too

    Beverages and snacks on site, not need to leave the building for a coffee run.

    Gym membership – we don’t want you stressing out or getting tired of all this work.

    Bonus to live close to the office, with parking, so you are just around the corner and can pop into work on the weekends.

    Social activities at work – got have you bonded to the work culture.

    Or maybe they are just trying to keep staff.

    Still opening up the profile would be good. Humm maybe they could consider OpenID and OAuth, instead of the current phishing induced methods.

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