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KEYNOTE on Metaverse and Emergent Technologies – Australia and Dubai

I work as a Metaverse Mentor, Virtual Worlds Consultant and Online Communities/Social Media Expert and Keynote (conference) presenter based in Sydney, Australia but working globally. The video below is available to booked conference organisers as an “Invitation to Session” post on their social medias. Please contact me to receive the download link. A greenscreen (plain background for Conference or Event logos) is also available.

Transcript of Conference Invitation and what is covered in the Metaverse Keynote session


Hello, my name is Laurel Papworth and I’m an emergent technology evangelist, a Metaverse mentor, and in this conference session, I’m going to go through what should your organisation be doing today to prepare for tomorrow in the Metaverse. And what exactly is the Metaverse?


We know that Facebook Meta invested $10 billion last year, much more this year. We know that Apple and Apple Glasses will be up to around $25 billion this year investment. We’re looking at Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision for $59 billion, and that Warren Buffett has invested in that, and not to mention Amazon, Google and of course, Sony investments in the Metaverse.


And then how will augmented reality, virtual worlds, decentralised finance, defy, cryptocurrencies, gamification and other things impact your work life, especially with things like Facebook Meta’s horizon worlds? Will the Metaverse force us to use global Bitcoin cryptocurrencies? And will we be integrating shopify, NFT, Nonfungible, tokens and other tokens into our online payment systems? But will a gamified job be more rewarding or more exhausting as you slip seamlessly from the real world to the augmented world and then into virtual reality, and then back again, all of it as if it’s a game. And how will your enterprise or your organisation implement avatars and virtual land? Not just for offices and meeting rooms, but more than that. This is not just for kids at home who are in decentraland and Roblox and Sandbox and other not yet connected worlds in the middle of, but that’s coming. How will stakeholders, customers, clients, constituents, businesses, anybody that you call a stakeholder how will you implement campaigns for them into a direct channel that’s now 3D. So if you’re used to doing it on social media or traditional media, what does 3D media looks like? What is virtual media looked like? Gucci added the NFL, the Australian Open and more already there. What can we learn from case studies of virtual and augmented experiences from across tourism, hospitality, fitness, education, and, of course, your specific sector, from Nike to Coca Hyundai and Sentosa Island?


Who’s doing what in the Metaverse right now, today?


My name is Laurel Papworth. I’m a community specialist in the Metaverse and other emergent technologies, with 20 plus years experience in virtual worlds, decentralised currencies and building engaged communities online. I was named in the top 50 social media influences globally by Forbes Magazine. And as a committed communicator on emergent technologies and the Metaverse, it would be my privilege to help you navigate from social media to virtual worlds and on to the Metaverse. I look forward to seeing you in the conference session.

Bio of Metaverse Mentor Laurel Papworth

My background started in online communities in the 1990’s, then I worked in virtual worlds and online games in the 2000’s with Sony and others. In 2005 I took out a patent in decentralised, community currencies generated by IoT, 3 years before BitCoin (but quite a few years after BitGold!).

In 2011 I became interested in augmented reality and subsequently ran workshops for Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Oracle on building engaged communities in both augmented (eg Layar) and virtual 3D worlds.

My Clients: Virtual Worlds include Neopets, Club Penguin, Habbo, Ashen Empires, Second Life, Dransik, Sony. I enjoy playing with Blender, Unity, Unreal Engine, Meta’s Horizon World and others.

I have been giving public speaking presentations and keynotes on the Metaverse since 2005, as well as teaching 2D and 3D engagement in communities online at the University of Sydney, University of Western Sydney, UNSW and TAFE. I have a Cert IV in Adult Education and Training.

You can contact me on or call +61432684992.

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