My name is Laurel Papworth and I provide training, consultancy and mentoring on the Metaverse: virtual worlds (VR), augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI for example ChatGPT), decentralised currencies and virtual currencies, gamification, mixed reality (MR) and cross reality (XR) with a strong focus on building engaged communities of interest. I started in virtual worlds in the 90’s Augmented Reality in 2011 and have also run online communities (social media) strategies and campaigns since 2005. Building and growing engaged communities and then shifting them from Web2 (2D) to Web3 (3D) is my area of expertise. I have taught AI, algorithms and big data for 12 years globally. I provide workshops, training, keynote at conferences, workbooks, online zoom and other mentoring channels. Please enquire.

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Bio of Metaverse Mentor, Virtual Worlds Consultant Laurel Papworth

I work as a Metaverse Mentor, Virtual Worlds Consultant and Online Communities/Social Media Expert based in Sydney Australia but working globally.

My background started in online communities in the 1990’s, then I worked in virtual worlds and online games in the 2000’s with Sony and others. In 2005 I took out a patent in decentralised, community currencies generated by IoT, 3 years before BitCoin (but quite a few years after BitGold!).

In 2011 I became interested in augmented reality and subsequently ran workshops for Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Oracle on building engaged communities in both augmented (eg Layar) and virtual 3D worlds.

I have taught artificial intelligence including F.A.I.R Lexicon and Deep Thought/Deep Face, Alphabet Google Deep Mind and other generative, semantic and behavioural AIs for 7 years.

My Clients: Virtual Worlds include Neopets, Club Penguin, Habbo, Ashen Empires, Second Life, Dransik, Sony. I enjoy playing with Blender, Unity, Unreal Engine, Meta’s Horizon World and others.

I have been giving public speaking presentations and keynotes on the Metaverse since 2005, as well as teaching 2D and 3D engagement in communities online at the University of Sydney, University of Western Sydney, UNSW and TAFE. I have a Cert IV in Adult Education and Training.

You can contact me on or call +61432684992.

HOBBIES Languages (Bahasa Indonesia, Arabic Fusha, Italian, Spanish, Dutch). Sewing. Online Computer Games (World of Warcraft). Philosophy, ancient religion, spirituality and alchemy. Roller Skating and Ice Skating. Dance (Jazz, Hip Hop). Attending Tech Events and Expos for fun. Fitness and nutrition. Travel to unusual places. Geeking out on new tech.