PRIVATE Social Media MENTORING: Once a fortnight over 3 months over Zoom or 1 day in my training room in The Blue Mountains. Unless its snowing which means roads and trains stop, then we have to chat LOL. There are also other options but those two are popular. In person with a laptop or over zoom in ‘jammies. You choose.

Covering: Social Media Strategy, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn pixel retargeting, RoI vs CoI, Best practice for YOUR industry. Algorithms, datasets, and SMO (social media optimisation). Gamification, Metaverse, and online community retention also available.

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social media news 26 April 2021
Livestream | Social Media News
Social Media News #Australia April 26th 2021 – Instagram Reels, Pinterest Stores, #StopAsianHate, and more

SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS Instagram Reels and surveys, Pinterest and Shopify, Twitter and #StopAsianHate (impact of media and politicians on hate groups), TikTok employs an Influencer for 3 months Influencer campaign and other stuff 🙂

social media ads - facebook ads - Uni and College
Lecture: Universities and Social Media | Livestream
Lecture 5: Facebook Ads and Pixel Remarketing for Universities and Colleges – Social Media Series

Are you a social media manager in Higher Education interested in pixel retargeting, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, YouTube Ads, LinkedIn Ads and so on? In this lecture we go through tips and tricks for Colleges and Universities who are looking to advertise to their student and alumni audiences.