List of Top Enterprise 2.0 Apps at CeBIT Australia

Was on a panel today, at Cebit 2009 at Darling Harbor, Sydney.  You might like part two where I showed a list of Enterprise 2.0 tools and “built a company” from them. In 15 minutes.  FredCavazza.net for social enterprise layout Prosper.com for peer to peer loan for startup TheFunded.com for checking out your Venture Capitalists (I’m a paid…

AdAge and the new world of computers

ADAGE introduces a “breakthrough in interactive features”. WARNING: Troll posting ahead.  A KEYSTROKE of GENIUS for International Readers? I don’t think so…  Now you can get every page — every word, every graphic, every ad, every dot and whistle of every issue of AD AGE — on your computer at a click. And we’re hearing a great cheer go up for…

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