EITHER IN COMMENTS or email them to me – lpapworth (at) gmail.com if you are shy 🙂

I have to get some testimonials together. Like, how I saved the world and stopped ladders in pantyhose without blinking. Or something.

So if you are up for it, and have worked with me, sat in a workshop, had a snark, read my blog, whatevs, feel free to write a testimonial.

If you hate what I have to say/promote, go ahead, but I will remove stuff that gets too violent and bloodthirsty. (See code of conduct).

If you just want to be *funny* (or try to be) … sure. If it’s not funny though, I will be the one that goes all weird and violent and bloodthirsty.

PLEASE PUT YOUR REAL NAME AND SOME SORT OF COMPANY TITLE. Or I can’t use them. Unless you just want to be bitchy (recommend Anonymous) or funny (ditto).

Pfft why do I have to do these again? I mean like, ack, like the blog doesn’t speak for itself? Ah well.