#1: Mistakes Companies Make on Twitter TIMELINES VELOCITY

This is a series of posts (one a day so another one tomorrow!) on mistakes companies make when using Twitter for business. Entering online communities is easy (mostly) but working effectively is hard. This series shows the mistake and (hopefully) the fix. This particular post is on Velocity and Timelines in Social Media. Optus, one…


Facebook: Reclaim Privacy Security and Safety

Facebook keeps changing around what is private and what is public in the default settings. But the crowd is smarter than the individual company so ReclaimPrivacy have tools for you. Also a diagram on private to public social networks. What will take Facebook’s place as the most secure, most protected, most private of sharing spaces…

Cyberbullying and blogs – a case study Mumbrella -social media

The 13 attributes of cyberbullying: What is a cyberbully? Can adults really be bullied by pixels? Surely it’s a case of sticks and stones? Or should we speak up? Would you support a cyberbully by advertising on Mumbrella’s site? Would you hire Tim Burrowes of Mumbrella to speak at your events or pay to attend events he is chairing? Or is this just “acceptable” competitive behaviour by someone who see’s himself as my competitor in the social media space? If you saw him bullying would you walk away, laugh at the ‘fun and games’, be too scared to get involved?


Fanpages: List of top 100+ Australian Facebook Fan Pages

Ever wondered which Australian companies, icons, brands have the most fans on Facebook?  Here’s a list of fan Pages for Australian companies, in order of most fans. Please don’t confuse volume with being “good” at social media. Alriighty? Nothing to see here, move along, this is for my social media classes. 😛 I use this…

Event: Customer Service Call Centres and Social Media

I’ve been asked to speak in Melbourne on April 15th (evening) about the impact of social media, online communities, social networks and call centres. As you probably know, I believe that while marketing and PR want social networks to be about them and their needs, the customer usually has a specific question they want answered,…


Facebook- Allyn John Slater and social media hate sites

What happens when online communities create “hate sites” particularly on testimonial sites of those who have passed on?  Does saying “I wanna kill him” mean anything online? What happens when we are shocked by someone else displaying other value systems than we have ourselves? Should Facebook become a global policeman or are they just Australia…

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