7 Tips for #SocialMedia guidelines and Government

Tips on social media guidelines for staff. This article references the Australian Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet secret guidelines requiring staff to report on fellow workers who post anonymously an opinion on a political situation. There is also a rather unclear statement around when you can and cannot critique Government officials. I have not gone into the repercussions – staff will blow up online and no one will know as there were no warning signs, or that contractor organisations and eventually small business will follow these draconian practices. That’s a given. I’ve stuck with Tips 🙂

Blog to be heard

From Sunday Star Times on Stuff.co.nz – and I’m gonna say up front: there is no point being a prophet if you do not use every means available to be heard, and understood. Wayne Lachore… … emerged from the Coromandel to warn the world of a looming catastrophic collapse of western economies, and the US…

Australia Conference: PANPA Publishing

Yooohooo, anyone in Queensland September 8th to 10th? Around Conrad Jupiters? I’m speaking at PANPA then, plus running a 1/2 day workshop for a client. Here’s the details of the conference: PANPA08 Winning the Next Publishing Battle In Print and Digital Day One seems to be workshops – there’s one on Editorial Innovation – Building…

How to Build and Manage a Community course – March 2008

Thinking of starting up some forums and a bit of a community for a niche area you are passionate about? This is somewhat more than a “community manager” course – lot’s of strategy and business stuff, as well as ‘hands on’ managing forums etc. I’m teaching Managing a social network for business in March (9:00…

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