1. OK, I guess I’m still Australian, despite leaving 😉

    Although on the point of killer wildlife, I still think the best thing about America is the complete absence of huntsman spiders here — and especially not the South Australian desert kind that grow really big and then jump at you.

    (The close second-best thing is being able to buy a banana split in every diner. All countries should have syrup-covered ice-cream on every corner!)

    Also, seriously, squirrels make possums look SOOO ugly!

  2. Just to nitpick, but 35 is wrong as well. It’s AQIS that will brutally strip search you for fruit.

    Customs will wait for them to finish before brutally strip searching you to make sure you’re not bringing in a third bottle of duty-free grog 🙂

  3. @Sara do squirrels make love ALL night in the roof? Or wee wee down the walls so you have a big stain? So cute, our possums. 😛

    @Mick Accadacca and Kylie. Our contribution to the music world.

    @shane quick! let Today Tonight know. “Taxpayers money being wasted on TWO brutal strip searches!”. Some business process inquiries need to be made there. Surely they can fold the brutality into one long abuse rather than two short forms? *puzzled*

  4. I confess, I’m a bogun. I trudge up the road to the servo in my Ugg boots when we run out of milk at 10 o’ clock at night 🙂

  5. Paris Hilton and NY don’t sync. She’s all Cali style (and no, that’s not a good thing).

    The real Paris and NY sync more, and that’s not exactly easy to say 😉

  6. Very amusing – chuckled out loud. Should be used in multiple choice form for all newbies to the country!

  7. I’ve always wondered who started the get fucked bit in the Angels song. There must have been a first person – who was it? when was it? Someone must know. Maybe Glen. A Baker.

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