1. Thanks for the tip Laurel. I couldn’t agree more about taking personal responsibility for getting your message out there.

    One of my earliest blog posts over 2 years ago alluded to the coming crises we face and my point now is there is no excuse for the media or any individual to claim the current meltdown is a surprise.

    For the media to paint those that do raise the alarm as “fringe” or “voices in the wilderness” by way of explaining our ignorance of them in retrospect is disingenuous at best. At worst it shows how badly our traditional media have dropped the ball.

    My sympathies are with those that put themselves out there – the responsibility is for those that want to know to find those voices.

  2. The world is now on the threshold of unprecedented communication abilities. While we always have a choice what to post, with enough content, our thinking is exposed in a way never before possible.

    The challenge of the next decade will be finding meaning in the “buzz” of a billion voices shouting to be heard.

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