Yooohooo, anyone in Queensland September 8th to 10th? Around Conrad Jupiters? I’m speaking at PANPA then, plus running a 1/2 day workshop for a client. Here’s the details of the conference:

PANPA08 Winning the Next Publishing Battle In Print and Digital

Day One seems to be workshops – there’s one on Editorial Innovation – Building Community in
The next two days have mostly media proprietors as speakers except for, well, The Honourable Kevin Rudd, Prime Minister of Australia, who is opening. And The Less-Honourable Laurel Papworth, SilkCharm of Australia will be waffling on and giggling up on the podium too. The others are

  • Brian Tierney, CEO, Philadelphia Media Holdings, USA
  • Juan Senor, World Association of Newspapers, UK
  • Dr Tony Wilkins, News Corp, Pacific
  • Dean Gould, Editor, Gold Coast Bulletin
  • Georg Carlberg, Norske, Norway
  • Ed Efchak, President, INMA, USA
  • Mario Garcia, Garcia Media, USA
  • James Gould, New York Times,
  • Brien Tierney, Philadelphia Inquirer,
  • Tony Gillies, AAP
  • Kylie Davis, Fairfax Media
  • Robert Whitehead, PANPA
  • Mark Hollands, PANPA

The attendees will be Australian media proprietors. I’ve already said I’ll speak about monetising social media, and the business of being social. Anything else I should tell these ol’ battlers? Now that we have the old media players all in one room, and listening? And nah, I’m not gonna touch the ol’ “print media is dead” debate. Heh.

Oh, I know! I’ll ask Twitter – they’ll write my presentation for me! *rubs hands with glee*