1. It’s a new Masters at the University of Western Sydney – finalising it now, but they said I could publicise it on the radio show I did. I’m also finalising teaching consumer generated media component on a Masters of Prof. Journalism.

    Send me your details and I’ll send you the subjects and coursework and project outlines.

  2. Well, you can ring Glyn and Ruddles personally. I’ll tell ’em to take your call. 😛

    Or you can nominate and vote on my other site (category, australia 2020 summit) bloggerati.com.au
    I’d doubt anyone will listen but you never know.

  3. cheers laurel. I just checked the uws site. It’s an interesting course. U know, it’s funny. A lot of unis are now teaching MSc’s like this MCM one. The Uni of Syd has an MDCC. And also Oxford in England have a brand new MPhil/DPhil that focus pretty much on the same topics.

  4. @anonymous *nods* no doubt. I first worked in convergent media in the late 90’s and there were Unis giving courses on it all the way back then. I’m not familiar with the Uni programmes you mentioned – in other words I didn’t nick their content matter 😛 – my subjects are based on workshops I’ve been teaching for the last couple of years 🙂 I needn’t say that mine will be the most fun. Heh.

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