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Glyn Davis Summit Chairman and Kevin Rudd Prime Minister 2.0 is looking for Australia’s brightest and best to talk about the decade ahead and strategy. Video here that I can’t embed.

The Australia 2020 Summit announced by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd will examine 10 issues facing the nation:

Future directions for the economy, including education, skills, training, science and innovation
• Economic infrastructure, the digital economy and the future of Australia’s cities
• Population, sustainability, climate change, water
• Rural industries and communities
• National health strategy
• Families, communities and social inclusion
• Indigenous Australia
• The future of Australia’s arts, film and design
• Democracy, open government, the role of the media, the structure of federation, citizens’ rights and responsibilities
• Future security and prosperity Source: Prime Minister’s office

If not the brightest, surely the cutest?

So my vote for Australia’s brightest are:

Mark Pesce, one of the early pioneers in Virtual Reality is a writer, researcher and teacher. The co-inventor of VRML, he is the author of five books and numerous papers on the future of technology.” – Wikipedia


ME! Laurel Papworth newbie lecturer in Masters of Convergent Media, big mouth on Web 2.0, advisor here and overseas in digital strategy to telcos and massive media companies. Leading expert on social networks. Both hands on implementation and high level strategy in digital media and communication. Has a pink haired pixie avatar (the last should be a winner).

There are lots of clever clogs out there – how many of them do strategy and not just for one company? (Must not be simply a speaker or in PR, must be a do-er) – not that I don’t love PR people 🙂


  1. You don’t have to blog about me ‘n Mark but can you post and/link here if you blog about the Summit? I’ll link back to you if you tell me – I just want to make sure that our votes for Web 2.0 are heard by Google Search.
  2. Let me know what you think of laurelpapworth.com? David N Wallace and cohort made it for me. 🙂

*pats* you are sweethearts. Who do we have to talk to, to be on the 1000, anyone know?

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