Frocomm Government Public Service 2.0 Social Media

I was in Melbourne yesterday, giving the keynote at Glen Frost’s Frocomm New Media Summit conference. Great crowd, lots of thoughts flying around. Government 2.0 and Public Servants 2.0 View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: government public) Basically I went through a few different types of social media networks – blog (content), wikis…


Australia: Social Media Course

Update: For latest courses, please see  Australia Social Media Courses – Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane . Another one of my infamous Facebook Blogs and Marketing (Web 2.0) courses at the University of Sydney Professional Development centre (public courses) is coming up on Friday 10th October: Web 2.0 – Facebook, blogs and marketingCourse description: You probably…


Course: Social Media Marketing Campaign

My attempt to scare marketeers into attending one of my web 2.0 social media courses. Did it work? *advertisement coming up* I teach a one day public course on how to create a social media marketing campaign. It’s on Friday 18th July at the University of Sydney, Centre for Continuing Education: Course description: Web 2.0…

Masters of Convergent Media – Uni Western Syd (social media) Australia

I would’ve called it Social Media but then again I’m just teaching it. 😛 Plus it’s also convergent devices so I guess Convergent Media is ok. Contact Rachel for more information Master of Convergent Media Traditional media (television and radio) are responding quickly to the new digital and online challenges of the 21st century….

Australia: Seven steps: How to Build a Social Network (course)

From BToBOnline: Seven steps to building a social network1. Consider your target audience. Who and how many people you’re trying to reach will determine the size, type, life span and language of the social network needed. 2. Determine the site’s mission, message or goal. Talent management, project collaboration, new business, mentoring, corporate training support, centralized…

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