My attempt to scare marketeers into attending one of my web 2.0 social media courses. Did it work?

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I teach a one day public course on how to create a social media marketing campaign. It’s on Friday 18th July at the University of Sydney, Centre for Continuing Education:

Course description:

Web 2.0 – Facebook, blogs and marketing
You probably already know a little of YouTube, Facebook, Flickr and In this one-day course you’ll get a real taste of the marketing power of the new Web 2.0 services: blogs and wikis, user-generated content, citizen journalism and social software. We’ll look at case studies of customers creating ads and campaigns, how they distribute their content and how to monitor consumer discussions and reviews of your products. An interesting day spent exploring a dynamic and challenging area. No technical or prior knowledge required. (.pdf here)

Know any nubbies (newbie social marketers) who could/should attend? Send ’em along… Step by step through creation, distribution and monitoring. Fun Fun Fun. They are really popular and fill up quick. (not that part isn’t a joke!)
*we now return you to your usual time wasting activities on the ‘net* Heh.