1. I’ve hated the “convergence” notion ever since I first heard it — and that was about 15 years ago, I think. It was a great buzzword then, useful for talking about “something” the experts thought would happen. But I still don’t know what that something is.

    I always thought “divergence” better explained what was really going on – same/similar content available in many media, in new and different ways.

    And is there something a bit strange about promoting as a “hook” the promise of having your new, “convergent” content shown on TVS? Community broadcast TV that almost nobody can see?

    That aside, I’m sure your social media bit will be excellent!

  2. TCG there’s a few courses with similar themes. But I think the USyd is more scholarly/research – or so they say. The UWSyd is project based, offering internships at major media/web companies and has a TV studio on campus, with live streaming and etc.

    @smurph I set up Convergent Media for Optus in 1999 – so it’s been around at least that long. But we meant purely offering more than voice on mobiles back then. Now convergence means getting pictures in your emails *rolls eyes*

  3. Hey,
    I am thinking of doing the degree. what prior knowledge do you need. (aside from an undergrad.)

  4. Hi Laurel, I’m just wondering if this course can be done by distance ed, as I have two young children and live too far away. I’m really keen to do a masters in this field as my undergrad is a marketing degree obtained well before the emergence of digital media. Are there any other similar courses that can be done by distance ed?

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