Next time someone tells you MySpace and YouTube are for emo-goth, time wasting, geeky nerdy kids, say “Yeah and some of ’em are 90 years old.” Then point them to the The Zimmers.Click to go to their MySpace page. Are you noticing a trend in traditional marketing towards ‘user generated content’ simplicity yet? Funny how we didn’t really need sophisticated selling mechanisms all along – if you’ve got a story to tell, a position to defend, a point to make – well, make it already!

If you want to waste some more time (and you’d probably already seen the Zimmers) why not check out Geriatric1927 – he’s in the Zimmers video if you look carefully. Also Rapping Granny (UK version) , Rapping Granny (US version) – g’on, you know you want to!