2 Day Metaverse Workshop (Foundation)

Are you interested in a 2 Day Foundation Metaverse workshop covering Metaverse and Cross Reality (XR) strategy, brief history of virtual worlds and augmented layers and what we can learn, Oculus/Meta headsets, haptics and Unity/Unreal Engine, Cryptocurrency (and it’s importance in virtual spaces), NFTs, microtransactions, gamification and more?? email for more information.

2 Day Metaverse Course – video invite for public or private conferences available

Curriculum for 2 Day Metaverse Foundation Workshop

  • Metaverse Strategy Documents
    Before we build out a virtual world offering, we need to understand the basics of the metaverse and then start to formulate a strategy. This section takes the attendee through all the steps – from psychographics to gamification, from virtual currencies to NFTs and more. Strategy is not a campaign document or a content calendar but a “whole of organisation” approach.
  • Components of the Metaverse
    Integration of Augmented Reality and real world layers, Virtual Reality with headsets and haptics, Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality inhabitable worlds. 
  • Features of the Metaverse:
    Virtual currency & microtransactions, NFTs and virtual products, Lore & onboarding, PuGs and Guilds, Avatars and customisation, virtual goods and p2p.
  • Importance of Gamification in virtual and augmented worlds.
    Understanding the structure – leaderboards and levels, rewards and points, achievements and badges, quests, side quests and challenges,
  • Monetising the Metaverse: Where is the money?
    Let’s take an indepth look at C2H, B2H, C2P, P2H revenue streams. Customer (C), Host (H), 3rd party Partners (P)
  • Developing cross-world campaigns
    Understanding engagement, analytics, advertising, and the future of campaigns in the new worlds.
  • Future Directions, Mixed Reality and preparing for the new world.

Ticket Price for Metaverse Foundation Course

Want to attend Metaverse Foundation in Sydney? This is a cost effective way of learning what I privately mentor, but in a public class. For corporate or private bookings please contact me.

  • Learn the basics of the Metaverse
  • Hands-on – bring your laptop (and charger), and virtual headset if you have one (with charger). You will be given an opportunity to explore virtual reality with a loan headset at some stage during the two days
  • Lunch included
  • Sydney CBD (others occasionally, will be noted)

One Ticket to 3 Day Advanced Social Media

$1250 /2 days

$625 per day
Small group

email for more information Dates TBC.

Enquire: please ask for conference keynotes, corporate inhouse sessions or private Zoom mentoring on the Metaverse and Cross Reality

Prerequisites for the Metaverse Foundation Course

This is a 2 day course – please commit to both days as the learning pathway builds over the two days. Because the course is a Foundation course introducing concepts, no prerequisites are required. You do NOT need a virtual reality headset as there will be an opportunity to try out a headset at some stage during the two days.

Date and Time, Ticket Information, Map

email for more information

Level 5/20 Bond Street Sydney.

Finishes at 5pm each day. Bring you laptop and mobile phone – and chargers for the both! Lunch and light refreshment is included on all days. Full Refunds available until 30 days before, enquire if you need to transfer to another course. Covid rules apply.

If you have chosen Team/Department sessions please make sure you send the link to your attendees. If you have more than 10 attendees please contact me as the setup is slightly different.

This 2 Day Metaverse course is a mix of lecture, group challenges and computer based exercises (bring your own laptop – remember the power supply!). This course has been very popular for corporate organisations in Australia and in Singapore, and as a Zoom mentoring workshop and is now being offered as a public class, for those wanting to gain a foundation knowledge in the Metaverse. 

Contact Laurel Papworth

Central Finance Office needs a proposal and/or quote? If you have any questions, want to run this privately for a conference or offsite, need a specialist Proposal etc, please email us with question, dates and detailed request. A GST Invoice/Receipt is issued if booked online, but sometimes Head Office needs more. Alternative call +61432684992

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