1. thanks for sharing your process, its always interesting to learn from intelligent people how they make their choices.

  2. I’m a grazer too. I have an RSS thingie set up, but don’t really find it that helpful.

    I don’t follow any particular blogs either – unless they offer me email updates (Feedburner is the best and free!).

    I have categories on the blog that help generate ideas for content.

    I’m finding Twitter has given me ideas for 3 posts already this morning.

    Thanks for sharing – not self indulgent at all – quite reaffirming acutally!

    Cheers, Kylie

  3. from a reader’s point of view…

    I have a growing Google page full of RSS feeds from various blogs which I can no longer keep up with. Titles are what catch my attention. Followed by relevance. The blog or blogger’s credibility and knowing that they publish content with substance help too, but the feed wouldn’t have been on my Google page in the first place if it was otherwise.

    BTW, your posts get a good hit rate from my page!


  4. @Bettina AWESOME! A “how I read blogs” response to “how I blog”. I LOVE YOU, READERS! GROUP HUG!

  5. Thanks for the link love mate. As soon as I punch through my next set of daedlines I’ll have a think about your question, post the answer to LIC, and link back here. Cheers!

  6. Hey Laurel, I am also a grazer, It is good to know that I am not the only one. I have never really loved RSS readers and have stayed off them for awhile now.

  7. Am I allowed to be self-indulgent on someone else’s blog? Or is that beyond the pale for netiquette? 😛 Anyway, I did enjoy the post. I tend to nurse my blogs too although I generally do write them all at once. And then add updates later. But the self-indulgent thing I wanted to say is that you can feel free credit me with comic strips on your blog! 🙂 http://www.woohooligan.com/archive.php

  8. @ike I would love to add your cartoons dear, but I never come across them – there is no search engine on your woohooligan site nor, I suspect, tagging for Google to find a relevant cartoon for me.

    lemme know if you fix that 🙂

  9. It’s interesting that you say “in the shower”. A friend of mine bought me some bath crayons for that very reason — I get out of bed with ideas in my head, think them through in the shower, and then write them up there til I need them later.

    Most of these thoughts then become blog posts strangely enough!


  10. Ooooh, thanks for the link Laurel. Well, as you can probably tell by the lateness of this comment, I’m not as on top of my RSS feeds as I’d like to be! But I’m not a grazer particularly; I usually try to keep on top of my RSS feeds and emails, and when I feel inspired I write a post. If I find an interesting new blog, I add it to my RSS list, and delete others that have become boring (!!)

    It takes me 20-60 minutes usually to write a post. Which is why I don’t post as often as I would like – it’s not something that always feels natural, so it takes a while for me to write a post. I labour over my words too much some times.

    I agree with your comment about unsolicited emails asking for a blog post about something. Seriously, those people have no idea!

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