1. Hey Laurel. I envy you. I’m just back from a week in SG where I met with Ivan Chew – would love to go back again right now 🙂

    Thought you may be interested in this photo set of gadgets from Sim Lim that I took while I was there: Gadgets of Sim Lim … just in case people are unsure what you should pick up for them 🙂

  2. Oh I love it! Geek girl! 😛 *adds to her shopping list* that keyboard in a roll is cute.

  3. Hi, I don’t have more names to suggest but would strongly recommend the Night Safari, next to the Singapore Zoo. Welcome back to Singapore!

  4. Thank you! I will go there.

    The animals will be a lot like Twitter 🙂

    Are you based in Singapore, Ivan?

  5. Welcome back to Singapore! 😉

    Well, I would suggest that you visit our excellent museums and perhaps take a small trip down memory lane. Some of the good ones are the Asian Civilisations Museum and the National Museum of Singapore. Of course, you should go visit Yesterday.sg to get some ideas about what to do here.

  6. Hi Laurel,
    I recently (since yesterday:P) started following your blog and must say it is quite insightful and well written.
    I work in the online media (and non-media as well) industry here in Singapore- and it’d be great to see you in person.
    I publish a blog on http://shalabh.wordpress.com – basically centered around my experiences in digital marketing- (no ‘top ten’ kind blog posts though)
    Since you have stayed here a few years you must know the regular places and what to do. But having stayed here 3 years- these are the things I haven’t been able to do- and would love to do (when no one’s watching)
    1)Take a ride on those tourist buses -“go topless” ones – and remember that duck bus that travels on road and then becomes a boat while in the river- must do!
    2)Give a slap on the back of the head of the person walking in front of you hogging the footpath. Then walk past whistling and admiring the building rooftops around. Leave him wondering what happened.
    There are many such secret desires of mine- but hey just realized this could make a neat post.
    Look forward to meeting you when you are in Sg!

  7. Laurel, have fun in Singapore! I wish I could join some of your workshops. I’m pretty much on the same mission as you, but my line of work focuses on the educational aspects of social media.

  8. Hi Laurel! Whoops… I didn’t get the memo about you meeting the Media Socialists. Perhaps the next time you are in town.

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