What do I do in the evenings? Well, I have my avatars pose, act, and otherwise help/hinder Gary Hayes in exploring the 3D web on webpages. Why, what do you do?

Here’s Gary’s post Inching Towards the live Web 3.0 – Layered Social Virtual Worlds My work in virtual world give me a unique – I think – perspective in observing the migration of the 3D element out of obvous game engine into overlays. Or at least, I have fun experiencing them.

Like this food fight using the RocketOn overlay (a little addon for Firefox etc) on the Sydney Morning Herald main page:

The Future of Media, anyone?


  • create your own avatar
  • meet friends on any website
  • explore parallel virtual worlds!
  • So the web will look like this: you go to Twitter, Facebook, a blog, Google Search and everywhere you turn there are people! Whinging, whining, having a laugh, wasting time, networking, asking important questions, answering important questions. All while looking fashionable. No more flat web pages, the internet is now a world to roam in, just your avatar and buddies. Pick up some burgers on the Macdonald’s page and take them to Twitter. Yum! Pixel burgers!

    Of course it could work out the other way – we will go into their world:

    Anyway, Gary Hayes has a much more in depth post on his site, Personalizemedia.com about layered social virtual worlds. Warning: If you see SilkCharm wandering around on any of these sites, RUN!