Please don’t add corporate spam to what we already get 🙂 (from apogee)

Are we starting to see our code of conduct implemented by P.R. agencies? Looks like it 🙂 Hat tip to Lukas Picton and team at Text 100 who put this survey together, Stilgherrian and Kelly F who forwarded it to me:

APAC bloggers call for PR people to get online and blog
Text 100 asks 153 predominantly business, technology and news bloggers across APAC what they want from PR and corporation

Text 100 today announced the results of the Text 100 APAC Blogger Survey a new survey aimed at helping the PR industry and its clients better understand bloggers in the Asia Pacific region.

Key Points

  • In what is believed to be the first survey of its kind conducted in Asia Pacific, this survey highlights the similarities and differences between bloggers across APAC and their preferences for working with corporations and PR agencies.
  • In a positive sign for the communications industry, 84% of respondents welcome contact from public relations practitioners and the corporations they represent.
  • Electronic communication is king for APAC bloggers: 58% preferred email, followed by online comments on their blogs, as the preferred means of contacting them.
  • Similarly, emailing of press releases and interviews or discussions ranked in the top two as the preferred formats for receiving content (67% and 60% respectively).

Agree so far. In fact had a lovely personable email from the P.R. lady at ABC TV yesterday. She even responded to a few emails I sent back!

  • Bloggers concerns included receiving unsolicited spam from PR agencies, and were frequently critical of the content they received, feeling it was inappropriate and unusable.
  • While most bloggers ignore traditional press releases, 88% were aware of so-called Social Media Releases and indicated they were in favour of using elements such as videos, quotes, pictures and links from these releases in their posts.
  • Text 100 surveyed bloggers it knew and those referred by friendly bloggers, not wanting to spam people it didn’t have a relationship with. Text 100 feels the views of the survey’s sample pool are a fair reflection of influential news, technology and bloggers across Asia Pacific.

I love it when I get stuff to embed. PDFs just don’t do it for me anymore 🙁
By the way, that’s another reason i have a Rules of Engagement it clearly says “no spam”.