… or evolve it?


The Gruen Transfer is buzzing:

As of last night, 6100 spoof ads had been edited, scripted and uploaded to the website by viewers of The Gruen Transfer, the 10-part series which has been watched by more than 1 million viewers each week.
(Julian Lee, Sydney Morning Herald, Monster Mash Gives Ad Boss Nightmares)

Here’s the clincher for me:

But some in the industry are less enthusiastic. Clemenger’s Mr Morgan said the advertising industry has been “led like lambs to the slaughter” to take part in “a slapstick show” and that the industry should have seen it coming.

“It’s the ABC. What do you expect? It was always going to be this … good luck to them for good programming but this isn’t a good show for the industry. Far from it.”

He said the series had “demeaned and trivialised” a $12 billion industry.

“It really doesn’t portray the serious side to the industry and what we do on a day-to-day basis and I don’t think it’s going to do us any good at all.”

…ya think?

Target demographic advertising (or anti-advertising) to target demographic must be an advertiser’s dream! So how did a (previously?) $12 billion industry become demeaned and trivialised? How is it, that the industry that is responsible for delivering a message, that the industry who’s sole purpose is to create good brand-vibes, a communication industry, can fail so badly at generating warm and fuzzy feelings??

Of course companies are turning to customers to create ads. If the advertising industry can’t fix their own message and brand image, how can they successfully deliver the clients‘ communications?