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What is Neknominate? And Should we ask an American company (Facebook, Google) to censor Australians citizens that are doing stupid but not illegal stuff? If we hand our sovereignty over to Facebook and Google (I don’t include Twitter as they have already rolled over and made no attempt to protect our privacy), should we get pissy if Saudi, China and Korean Governments demand the same?

What is Neknominate?

Drink yourself stupid, preferably in an “entertaining” way and record it for your mates and the world to see. Think the Hangover movie and you have the right psychographic. Humans have a long and illustrious history of getting stupidly drunk and making entertainment out of it. Marijuana is a poison, tobacco is heading that way, but alcohol is a jokey expression of bon homie. Except for those families dealing with alcoholism… ^^

From Wikipedia:

Neknominate, also known as neck and nominateneknomination or neck nomination, is an online drinking game. The original parameters of the game required the participant to film themselves drinking a pint of an alcoholic beverage, usually beer, in one gulp and upload the footage to the web. The participant then nominates two others to do the same, although a third nomination has become commonplace.[1][2] The nominated person has to complete the task within 24 hours.[3] As the game spread it escalated with nominees performing the challenge in more extreme circumstances by drinking more potent beverages or engaging in dangerous activities either during or immediately after consuming their beverage. The British tabloid newspaper Metro reported that at least four deaths in the United Kingdom and Ireland are believed to be caused by the drinking game.[4]

Who Does Neknominate?

Well underage kids obviously, College students and so on. It originated in Australia. Killed kids in Ireland. From my vast and clueless knowledge of genetics: I wonder if Australians carry a gene from the Irish/British convicts that make them susceptible to stupid drinking games?

Andrew Laming, Facebook-300x0

Really, Andrew Laming? (Australian Politician)

Of course, Australian politicians also get caught out neking a beer in an odd position, photographed. The Sydney Morning Herald’s article is There’s no harm in Andrew Laming’s handstand beer stunt - until they figure out it’s neknominate in another form.

It’s not just men, but also women. And female judges in Ireland seem to have a lot in common with Australian male politicians.

A high profile Northern Ireland judge has owned up to her “foolish behaviour” after she was filmed taking part in the ‘neknominate’ drinking game. (U.TV)

Endemic, much?

Is Facebook and YouTube to blame?

No. Next Question.

Are you sure?


Look, drinking games are part of our heritage for better or for worse. Social Media doesn’t create the behaviours, just puts a spotlight on them. As in, we now know what we didn’t know before.

Not Buying It…

*shrugs* yes there is a bigger audience, yes there is the social “amplification” effect. But most people aiming for fame are thinking of one person or a special group. As in, millions saw this, I hope Mr/Ms Special One realises how cool I am. They would do it anyway, the bigger audience is just a bonus…

The Globalisation of Stupidity.

None of us are as dumb as all of us. But even if Facebook and YouTube aren’t to blame, shouldn’t they police the content? If it’s not illegal, why do you want an American company to censor Australian citizens? What if they don’t like our sense of humour – scrap that, they mostly don’t – and decide to censor any jokes about religion or Yanks or The Leader of the Free World? Do we ask US Post to open Australians mailing letters? Or do we ask Verizon to listen in on phone calls? Facebook is a tool, connecting human beings. Make the telephone responsible, ask the letterbox to be aggressively judgemental.

But can we leave #Neknominate be?

It will go the same way as planking e.g.  people will find other stupid ways to kill themselves. Alcohol adds a “There But For the Grace of God (or Fate) Go I” element, as we know alcohol reduces our IQ by a few points for every drink  we have.  And inhibitions drop at about the same level.

But having said that: Australia has a drinking problem not a #Neknominate problem. Time we dealt with that through education and local laws. Blaming social media for our own failings is just politicians dumping on American companies that now host the discussions they should have set up and hosted themselves decades ago. No? Yes?

If you liked this article, please post a photo of yourself drinking tea in a nice location looking relaxed and healthy. I really need that today…

I’ve been asked by at least 3 media outlets to do interviews next week while I’m in the middle of my 3 Day Intensive workshops, so please use the information in here. Just attribute willya?

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