SilkCharm Score for Social Media

How to do a social media audit for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more? Understanding how to score a social media audit by social media expert Laurel Papworth

What is a social media audit? A social media audit must include these three quantitate and qualitative features (with some examples):

Analytics: subscribers, ads, admins, consistency,
Community: engaging communications, comments, voice, calendars
Optimisation: Last Actor 24/7, Keyword Clusters, Targeted Posts,

What is the SilkCharm Score?

I’ve put together a little Social Media Audit scoring system called #SilkCharmScore. It’s just a few of the key datasets, as the algorithms of most social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc, have more than 80,000 data sets! I’ve weighted them equally as they rank at a similar level than say, a smaller set like “changes cover photo”

The most important sets are:

Criteria for a Social Media Audit Facebook Pages
How many Facebook Business Page Subscribers (Likes, Followers)?
Number of Facebook Posts plus Engagement (7 Days) & % of Engaged?
Number of Admins, How many admins in each country?
Social Media Diary with a Competition? Meme? regular programming?
How many Active Ads is the Page running? Increasing Engagement?
Future Proofing (Facebook Version 5) with Brand Groups?
Increasing Social Reach with Edumarketing, Online Courses ?
Leveraging targeting – Core Audiences/Preferred Audience?
SilkCharm Social Media Score for Audits

Other criteria you could use to build your own audit score (some need 3rd party tools, some you need to be an Admin) are, in no particular order and by no means comprehensive:

  • Timing of Posts
  • KPI benchmark
  • Velocity (over time/speed)
  • Pixel Retargeting cross channel
  • RoAS (return on ad spend) of social ads
  • Implementation of social media in marketing funnels
  • more to come

NOTE: I offer social media audits to clients, I run conference workshops and classroom courses on social media audits and I have an online course with thousands of students that are studying social media audits with me. This is my approach to a social media audit but by no means the only one!

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