How Many Australians are On Facebook? 2019

How many Australian users are on Facebook? There are 18 million Australians using Facebook monthly. For gender, and State numbers, read on! by Laurel Papworth

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There are 18 million Australian users on Facebook in September 2019. These are broken down into gender, age, location, jobs, family status, shopping behaviours and more – this should help you figure out what channels matter most to your business (Facebook Analytics site).

Facebook Demographics for Australia – last 28 days

Australia: Facebook Users18,000,000
Australia: over 13 Facebook Users17,000,000
Australia: Female9,200,000
Australia: Male8,200,000
Overseas Visitors to Australia using Facebook200,000
New South Wales Facebook Users2,600,000
Victoria: Facebook Users2,200,000
Queensland: Facebook Users1,700,000
Australian Capital Territory Canberra Facebook users150,000
South Australia Facebook Users560,000
Tasmania Facebook Users150,000
Western Australia Facebook Users870,000
Northern Territory Facebook Users81,000
New Zealand Facebook Users1,600,000

METHODOLOGY All data is taken from Facebook the company, who state it is the number of people who have seen an ad in the last 30 days. They include Instagram (stories only) but it’s a close and realistic number. Also the Facebook data engineers say 28 days, so be aware of a small discrepancy on period of time. I added in New Zealand, as any day now… 😛
The population of Australia is 25 million but actual monthly Facebook users in Australia is 18 million. I’ve reported gender as Facebook sees it. No doubt Facebook will address how they identify gender at some future date… hopefully!

What percentage of the Australian population use Facebook? 72% of Australians! and remember this does not include under 13 year olds (Telecoms regulation) and infirm etc.

This data is current as of September 2019.


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