1. Firstly I have to state the title is not justified properly. ROI on Online Media Advertising” is more suitable

    Now lets be honest here Online was always going to benefit through times of recession due to the fact that advertising online is cheap.

    Good now that I stated the obvious..
    This video it seems like this may not be the future case with the likely hood publishers will rise CPM, CPC, CPA and etc due to increase spending online…from media agencies

    If Google has increased spend then won’t this make it more competitive and even more difficult to make proper sales… I do believe this will be the case.. and if Offline media does get less spend won’t that mean Offline will be sold cheaper… isn’t that a good thing like I am sure the prices are costly now but with less spend we should begin to see balance in TV/Radio advertising.

    In regards to measurement talk he was referring it seems he has left the topic a bit early.

    IF he is referring to hard measurements like sales, conversions, leads and etc. I do find it very hard to believe that it is possible to measure through social media.. not saying impossible just it is vague. I believe with Social Media it has only the capabilities to build relationships between consumer and brands. If the consumer likes what he sees he could buy it through any possible channel and we would not see results.

    However in the case of Google SEM and Banner advertising it is a lot easier to measure.

    I think that may cover the discrepancies I found in his video… I personally thought he stated the obvious.


  2. @zgambit – a few things: One of our (Australia’s) big media guys Harold Mitchell asked “why am I spending more on TV advertising when TV delivers me less audience?”. Answer: cos the stations have to continual making a profit. They cannot afford to drop prices.

    Secondly, ROI is in social media, not online advertising, or banner ads. Print advertising has dropped 15%, online ads spend dropped 7%. The only thing that is increasing is experimentation in social distribution of content (social ads) and social network marketing.

    And last: it is obvious – to us. But I still have people like the CEO of a major company tell me that the 2 million that watch a once a year sporting event are worth more to him than the 1 million that watched a YouTube video around his exact product/brand. And no, no help pointing out that ppl go to the loo during the ads, don’t watch the whole hour, are doing other things during the show, etc. We need ppl to state the obvious. Sometimes we even need to hear it ourselves 🙂
    Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  3. I would sooooo love to show this to the powers that be at work that continue to book expensive and useless ads in the SMH and AFR. Somehow though, I don’t think it will go down too well! I have the figures to show that we get NO RESPONSE to our print campaigns yet still they spend spend spend. And our target audience? Prospective university students! Gen Y and Millennials if you will. I mean come on! I shall continue to fight the good fight 🙂

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