How to create a One Page website quickly and easily and for free.

How to create, step by step, a One Page Website (in 7 minutes) with both text and a video walkthrough on this free service Wordpress.

In this 7 minute walkthrough on how I create one page websites as a social media manager, I go through step by step from choosing the name, the layout and writing a services section, an About Us through to the contact information block

Creating a quick one page website with free tools ( to get your social media manager business up and running.

  1. Create a WordPress account
  2. Create a website
  3. Choose a theme (independent publisher 2 theme)
  4. Edit the home page with a “are you” statement in a text block e.g. Are you a small business seeking…., are you a local business want… ”
  5. Edit the home page with About Us “we have a background in… I am experienced in…. ”
  6. Add a contact block (I chose a simple full width one)
  7. Preview the site logged in, and use Incognito mode to preview your new website unpublished and then published.
  8. Make the website go live (in Settings).
  9. Click LAUNCH and now your new site is published on!

This is a MVP (Minimal Viable Product) in 7 minutes – not a whole lecture. But it will get you up and running 🙂 The primary audience for this video are social media managers who either need a quick website for themselves or are building one for clients

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