What’s more fun than creating a video in isolation and uploading it to the social network for comments? Well, how about creating the video live, inviting the social network to participate.

Basically a webcam broadcasting out in real time.

Stickam is one such site:

From the Stickam page:

Welcome to Stickam, where you can …
Enjoy live interactive entertainment.
Host your own live show.
Talk with family and friends.
Meet people who share your interests

There’s a few of these Citizen Broadcaster sites now. Mogulus, UStream, I wrote more on it in Video 3.0: Social Video. Oh and let’s not forget Qik – streaming live from your mobile phone to the web, not from a desktop. Outside Broadcast Vans, out, mobile phone in? Oh ok, not yet. Heh.

By the way we’ve had one drunken cavorting naked performance (egged on by the social network) and one suicide (ditto). No longer a case of what’s on TV tonight, hon? but what’s NOT on the screen!

Live vs canned – you can choose. But I’m guessing – given the popularity of ‘reality tv’, it’ll be LIVE that will pull ahead.