Sorry, sorry, this one was sent to me over a week ago and I spaced it. I think it would be fun for – 3 month contract with Greenpeace. You could work over winter then go surfing in summer. Heh. Greenpeace have done interesting user generated content/social network stuff in the past:

Excellent opportunity to use your web skills to inspire others to take action for a green and peaceful future.

Greenpeace promotes clean, renewable energy & the energy efficiency solutions that will protect us from dangerous climate change. We reject nuclear power as dirty, expensive & unsafe. Greenpeace Australia Pacific’s website plays a key part in informing and motivating people to move toward a green and peaceful future. It is a focal part of our activites as well as being a key resource centre.

The overall role of the Web Producer is to work with other staff to develop and implement Greenpeace web and supporter profiling strategy and to research, scope, cost and project manage online (database, website, email) developments. You will also be a point of contact for any strategic, usability or technical discussions about the website setup or email system.

To apply for this position you should have at least four years’ experience in the project management of dynamic interactive web sites, sound understanding of development principles for a database driven site with complex architecture and functionality and an understanding of branding, online design and usability issues. You must also have sound technical knowledge and experience working with HTML and CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL and SQL. You will also need a commitment to the Greenpeace ideals and good written and oral communication skills.

This is a full-time three-month term position based in Sydney. Applications must address the selection criteria in the job description.

For more information on how to apply and our recruitment process see our How to Apply section here.

Contact information

  • Direct enquiries and applications to:

    Human Resources
    GPO Box 3307, Sydney NSW 2001
    P 02 9263 0346 F 02 9261 4588

The other job is a bit of a strange one from (link might not work, sorry) from a media company. I think the name A Media Company would be an interesting choice (bottom of the search engine anyone?) but it’s probably just another company who wants to hide the fact they are looking for a new employee. One of those strange things that happens in recruitment:

We are looking for a talented online content producer to join an exciting new venture.

You will have experience managing, editing and updating news and current affairs content in a variety of formats for the web.

We want someone with a passion for online and digital media, who is interested in working as part of a team to create innovative and distinctive content.

The successful candidate will not only have great writing and editing skills, they will also be competent in managing multimedia content and have experience with managing user generated content, forums, blogs, and other Web 2.0 content.

After this ad we promise we won’t ever use the phrase Web 2.0 again. We don’t know what it means either, but we do understand how easy it is to throw around buzzwords.

You’ve got an excellent eye for detail. You’ve got the ability to work to strict style guidelines, but the imagination to come up with better ways of doing things too. There’ll be tight deadlines and it’ll be critical that you can communicate with a diverse range of people.

It’ll be hard work, but fun and rewarding. We should point out it’ll probably suit someone younger (or someone older with vestiges of their youthful idealism) as the pay isn’t going to that flash at first.

If this sounds like you we want to hear from you. This is a great opportunity to join a new dynamic media company. The company offers good working conditions and a passionate culture.

Individuals apply to No agents please.

That whole thing about ” After this ad we promise we won’t ever use the phrase Web 2.0 again. We don’t know what it means either, but we do understand how easy it is to throw around buzzwords” is a bit naff. *shrugs* it reminds me of Kevin Leversee’s (ex Pandora Box) Stop Web 2.0 movement. I strongly suspect that people who don’t think there is a web 2.0 were too young to remember the birth of Web 1.0. Having come from Web beta, I can tell you that the similiarities are astonishing. But hey, stop web 2.0 is a good marketing ploy 😛