1. I’ve talked to other bloggers about this before. They are well placed to take advantage.

    I agree that they need to add a blogging/ community arm to the main publication, and Kos like they can bring topical content from there to the front page.

    However I suspect that the writers and editors there are just like all the other big media guys in how they pursue their craft – despite their protestations to being plucky little battlers – and especially of late.

    So it wouldn’t be surprising that they didn’t “get” blogs and other new media outside of a few bones thrown that way.

    In the end I unsubscribed after being on the books for several years because I no longer saw value in what they did, and I saw far too much content, that appeared to have been pinched from blogs and published a bit later.

    More immediately, I think they could do better with their Blogwatch section, they always have a narrow focus and appear to go back to a few favourites regularly – they don’t spread the blog love.

    Now back to the feed reader.

  2. Australians have yet to see a single traditional media group use trackbacks on their blogs. Blogs without trackbacks are not a conversation. Big media clearly does not want to have a conversation.

  3. Interesting, both of you are mention the importance of bloglove/googlejuice. I tend to comment less on blogs that don’t link back to here. Why? Because my comment sits just as well on another blog somewhere else covering the same subject that will help this little blog. Often I can’t be stuffed returning to a site that doesn’t allow comments, or doesn’t allow links in comments. And I hate sneaky “no follow” tags…

    How hard would this be – scrape the Crikey site, re-post it at say CrikeyArmy.com.au, open the articles for comments and then let word get out? Of course, ignore the newsletter stuff until it time expires (I think it’s 24 hours before the articles in the pay-for newsletter hits the open area of the web, not sure). We wouldn’t want them to go totally broke overnight would we? :p

    Poor sweet doomed little Crikey.

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