1. I see the fears of generations in a different light:

    Boomers (born 1943-1960) fear not being listened to by others.
    Gen X (born 1961-1981) fear not being able to survive on their own.
    Millennials (born 1982-2000) fear not being able to build a new society in their own image.

    These, I think, are much baser fears, and more a driving force in the actions of each of these generations.

    Dave Sohigian’s last blog post..Neil Howe talks about Generations

    1. Sort of disagree: in fac Boomers don’t expect to be listened to by others – it’s one of their most endearing and yet frustrating traits. “Oh I wouldn’t like to say but …” Or “I couldn’t possibly comment but…”.
      No such reticence with other generations. 🙂

    1. Well, no on can say that they aren’t creative – with other people’s ideas. 😛

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