Damn You, Stewart! Second Life NFPs

Susan Tenby gave evidence to Congress about Second Life. Then, comedian John Stewart made fun of her big pink cat avatar in Second Life.

The community responded in quite a funny way, wearing masks of John Stewart. This is not critical of the MSM man, more of homage, and an excuse to take the wave of interest John Stewart generated to push through the Second Life is Good for Not For Profits message. Well that’s my take on it, Susan Tenby didn’t seem that upset… even though apparently he made reference to her (pixel) breasts.

(Hat tip: Mike Seyfang)

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  1. fI went to school with Susan Tenby in middle school and ironically, she was the BIGGEST bully in the class! She was mean and hurtful every day for several years. Most students stayed far away from her.

  2. @anonymous
    Oh please, how many years ago was that? I am very tempted to bully you myself. 😛

    Ah well, maybe she grew up into a nice woman. Children that are mean when young sometimes grow up to be thoughtful and kind. Some of them don’t. I didn’t.

  3. I am said bully, and I am LOLing, and shocked, b/c I was SO not a bully. I would like to think that I am kind, as Laurel says. Who are you, with whom I went to school at Punahou?

    1. I’m of the opinion that anyone who posts mean spirited comments as “Anonymous” should be given the respect they deserve i.e. zero. And they should be bullied. You first… 😛

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