Laurel on TV – in two parts!

I was on “9am with David and Kim” show on Channel TEN. Bless Gary Hayes from AFTRS LAMP: It was lots of fun. Enjoy! Technorati Tags: social networks, Online Communities, TV, Australia, 9am with david and kim, aussie k, miss tease, myspace, top myspacers, laurel papworth, interview, channel ten, media

I was on “9am with David and Kim” show on Channel TEN. Bless Gary Hayes from AFTRS LAMP:

It was lots of fun. Enjoy!

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  1. Laurel

    Well done. Once you got into it, you got into it!

    Tough working with n00b TV presenters

  2. Interesting that David looked completely confused the whole time and Kim asked some really good questions. She actually seemed interested. It took him a while to get into the whole thing.

  3. Great show – well done. Hope to see you with more gigs to get the message out to Australia. Respect !!!

  4. Great job, Laurel! I particularly liked the the think-of-Kerrie-as-a-talk-show-host bit 🙂 Brilliant analogy that made the whole “social networking” thing a lot clearer — aside from resonating it really well with your interviewers, of course.

  5. I was surprised that David was so lacking in awareness of what’s going on and so focused on problems. No clue. I thought he was cooler but he was really playing the Bah! Humbug! grump-in-the-corner. So telling when you pointed out that the adults are the dumb ones – reminded me that I had to point out to a colleague just getting into blogging that it was not smart to have pics of his kids displayed. Congrats.

  6. Laurel, once you overcame nervousness and got into the flow, you were great. I suspect the initial discomfort was about you and the presenters finding the sweet spot for approaching this topic when they (and especially David!) were well outside their knowledge zones.

    The two key messages I got out of it:

    1. In the intro David said that half the Australian population had a social network profile, and yet it was still worded as if this was all something new and for the kids. The majority of his audience either have a profile or know someone who does, yet he knows nothing about it. How can a media professional be so out of touch and still hold down a job? The answer, I think, is that they’re so involved in their own daily routines of making broadcast TV and being shuttled around that this new world is evolving out of their sight.

    2. At least twice you pointed out that having 100k friends on MySpace was like having 100k people in their TV audience, which they also think of as their “friends”. And yet they still ask “What’s the point of having 100k friends if you can’t reply to them individually?” What’s the point, one could equally ask, of them having their audience?

    Surrounded by the vast machinery of making network TV, they simply can’t grok the idea that a 20yo woman can build an equivalent audience just working from her own home for 2 hours a day. They will surely be overwhelmed very, very soon…

  7. What a terrific job you did, Laurel! I agree with Ameel about your analogy – really helped make your point.

    And you looked great too 🙂

  8. Thank you everyone, you are all champs. 🙂 I know the interview was a bit simplistic but y’know, baby steps 🙂

    @Stil, you have to remember that if 1/2 the Australian population have social networking profiles then the half that don’t are probably at home watching telly on a Thursday AM. 😛 Or not… in your case *laughs* think of who their viewers would be…

  9. Hey Laurel

    David looked like he needed therapy after your session. You were sublime!


  10. really enjoyed this
    to be honest it looked like you were the tv professional and the “hosts” were the noobs!
    as someone else said how can they have a job in media and not know this stuff?

  11. @Tim thank you dear. And I agree. So if there are any talent scouts out there, I’m available for hosting a TV show on social networks 😛

    … Just have your people talk to my people (only in my case, “my people” are several thousand in my social network. We need to run it by them first, couldn’t possibly do it without ’em. Heh)

  12. I was shocked that David came up with a good question too.

    You handled him very well and a big YGG (you go girl) on the tv idea. Why not a vodcast like rocketboom?

  13. Oh you have to be a clever clogs with the camera for all that. Still, it would be fun to do a social networks one *wistful*

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