We spent waaaay too much time giggling with Ken at CeBIT. He was the guy mooching around on the CSIRO votapedia stand. Votapedia is run on Mediawiki. You set up the survey and then people can ring in to vote using their mobiles . They get the busy tone when they vote, so they don’t pay for the call. Here’s the latest survey:

Image:lines.gifThis is an optical illusion but not every one sees it the same way. We are endeavouring to discover what proportion of the population see it which way. After voting you can look at the answer.

The line on the right is a continuation of:

Start Time: Sunday, August 27, 2006 12:53:09 PM

End Time: Thursday, October 25, 2007 4:53:09 PM

A fun service. Did I mention it’s run on Mediawiki?

VotApedia is an audience response system that doesn’t require issuing clickers or need specialist infrastructure.

Known users can create surveys and edit the pages on this site. See if your your account has this functionality by looking for the tag “knownuser” next to your account name. If it doesn’t and you want it contact Ken.Taylor (at) csiro.au. You can also look at other people’s survey in the recent surveys, or participate in an active survey below.

Audience response systems are widely used for education, but not commonly in Australia. It is hoped that removing the complication and expense of clickers will encourage the use of this teaching aid in Australian educational institutions. VotApedia is intended for co-located audiences but also works with remote audiences which has previously been a different class of application. Surveys are in a multiple choice question (MCQ) form.

Run along now and have a play.