This might be an interesting one for you ABC Radio Background Briefing fans out there. Or even podcast listeners, as it has magically turned into a podcast :

Politics and the Internet

No one really knows if the Internet will be a force for a new kind of democracy, or just another (albeit miraculous) technology. Shifting sands in demography, voter behaviour, and the world wide web, are all challenges for political campaigners. Pitfalls and successes abound. Reporter Sharona Coutts.

Presenter Sharona Coutts
Producer Sharona Coutts Sunday 9am
repeated Tuesdays 7pm

Some of the stuff mentioned: Dr Jeff Jarvis Buzzmachine, Labour UK party channel YouTube, Hitwise, MySpace Impact channel, CapitolSteps (bomb-bomb-bomb-Iran), Penny Sharp, Labour, viral video. Malcolm Turnbull’s Dogblog., Getup.Org.Au,

In an odd moment of synchronicity Sharona also speaks to Professor Steven Coleman of the University of Leeds – and the University of Leeds students were studying my blog last year as part of their media and communication degree.

Australian Politicians blogs – 150 Federal MPS of 75 Senators, Family First Video Steve Fielding blog, Bobcasts (Bob Brown)
Liberal’s Chris Pine, Malcolm
Labour’s Kate Lundy
Andrew Bartlett (Democrat)

Ages ago I was asked by Radio National for some input into a program. Sharona and I were able to get together late one evening and discuss the blogosphere and politics. Nothing she could use unfortunately, but it was still an interesting chat. šŸ™‚

EDIT: I’ve been meaning to sit down and link everything discussed in the briefing but I simply have run out of time. So take it as is.. or add the link in comments. C’mon ya lazy lot! :p