I’ve got two questions for you. And I have tried to get them answered in other places first – I just know that some of you readers are knowledgeable in a couple of areas where I don’t ace it (me? humble? neveh!)

Question 1. Why does Google Search (Australia) hate this blog?
If you go to google.com and search for social networks australia, this blog comes top. If you go to google.com.au and search for social networks this blog does not exist. And I do mean at all. My crappy world.com.au site comes up eventually but Laurel Papworth – Online Communities- Australia and Local doesn’t get a look-in. Ok, I’m being niaive but I thought that .com was internatonal and .us was US sites? As in ‘Blogspot/Blogger’ should be international?
My question – is there a way to get listed on Google Australia search? I asked in the Google forums and they told me to metatag my geo data (I did) but to no avail.

Question 2. Does Corporate Australia blog in a closet somewhere?
I’m going to ignore my own definition of blog here and say that comments don’t need to be enabled. Trevor Cook has a blog but then again he’s PR so he bloomin’ well should. ๐Ÿ™‚ Who else blogs? I’m really looking for senior and not-too-geeky. So Frank Arrigo is out cos he out-geeks geeks, even at Microsoft. I can’t find any – and there must be. Please let me know if a corporate type is blogging their little heart out in a corner somewhere? Or am I just Google-challenged and there’s a vibrant culture of corporate blogging in Australian Business?

Thank you, my poppets.