Just a quick note: I had a lovely email from ‘sprung‘ apologising for the site scrape of this blog to centerofcontents.com. He bought a SEO script and didn’t realise fully what it meant – I’m not posting his whole email, but here’s a snippet.

After i found your post, And i chew over about this many times, It make me realize and feel bad about what i have done, And you may not forgive me for this

That’s ok but i just want to say “I’m sorry” and i promise to you that it will never happen to you and the other people again because i already remove my website.

And when I checked, the site was gone. And I can see why it was a genuine mistake:

I brought this seoblackhat script and the seller guarantee to me that it is legal 100% because it link back to the original website so make me think that’s ok for that because it still give credit to the owner, you can check but now it might be gone

All is forgiven. Case closed. The Voice of the People have spoken… etc. 🙂 I see from time to time that the odd post is taken on other sites, but it usually stops after a couple. And that’s fine, chances are it’s not stealing my traffic. And if it does link back, it’s even better. It’s when a second site becomes an absolute mirror for this one, that I get grumpy.

But never mind, sprung, all is forgiven! *hugs* Thank you for contacting me! 🙂

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