1. Its the last part of your blog that is interesting to me…. how much synchronicity between group thought and reality is taking place?

    Remember when the Maharishi’s TM afficionados meditated for peace?

  2. Hey Chris, I can’t quite remember (I remember transcendental meditation but not exactly what they did). Did everyone meditate at a particular time or day for World Peace? Did it work? 🙂

    I was thinking about something similar on Saturday night when Doctor Who was on TV. Martha Jones spent a year evangelising around the world that at a particular countdown 00:00 moment, everyone on Earth had to telepathically/think ‘Doctor’, which allows him to use the Archangel satellite mesh network surrounding the Earth to do his ‘Doctor’ stuff. Sort of global thought convergence.

    Not sure poor ol’ Maharishi wants to be seen as “The Doctor” though.

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