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from ITWire (Stan Beer ): It may come as a shock to adoring Michael Moore fans but not everyone agrees with him or the ways he expresses his views through the medium of film making. Thus, when Google blogger Lauren Turner, who...

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Don’t even ASK me…

… to divulge my contacts or give up my sources:Apple court loss a landmark win for new media. Bloggers and online journalists have triumphed over Apple Computer in court. A three-member judiciary panel ruled that the...

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About Laurel

Laurel Papworth aka SilkCharm connects with 6.8 million people through social media each month and has 11,000 online students studying social media with her. Laurel was named by Forbes Magazine in the Top 50 Social Media Influencers globally and has taught Facebook, Blogging etc at the University of Sydney for 10 years. Laurel: About and Online Courses