1. Surely, the point is that this entry is on a blog about health industry advertising. It is 100% appropriate for the intended audience.

    Yes, no comments is a risky strategy but is it likely that any of the commenters would have been from the health industry and therefore those who Turner wants to develop relationships with?

    I doubt it.

    And if nothing else, every health industry marketing bod now knows that Lauren Turner is the health advertising contact at Google.

    Love to know what this incident has done for her subscriber levels.

  2. Yeah in this case you are right. As long as she hasn’t inflamed the situation against a client of hers, and it’s just a general statement, that’s fine. She can bitch about Moore all she wants.

    But if I was her client, and I was relying on her for PR or brand marketing or whatever, and she initiated a discussion that generated hundreds of blog posts, thousands of comments and millions of media impressions/pageviews about my brand, I’d be a little shirty that she didn’t have the mechanism to keep it under control. And one way of ‘managing’ the situation is by engaging. As soon as it fragments and ends up in the greater community, all hell has broken loose. Like I said, I usually recommend that clients don’t jump into flame wars, but there should be the mechanism there, just in case. And Google’s “no comment” policy is a dangerous one if its a blanket policy.

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