7 Tips for #SocialMedia guidelines and Government

Tips on social media guidelines for staff. This article references the Australian Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet secret guidelines requiring staff to report on fellow workers who post anonymously an opinion on a political situation. There is also a rather unclear statement around when you can and cannot critique Government officials. I have not gone into the repercussions – staff will blow up online and no one will know as there were no warning signs, or that contractor organisations and eventually small business will follow these draconian practices. That’s a given. I’ve stuck with Tips 🙂


Who’s Watching Media Watch?

Media Watch is watching the Media. But we are monitoring Media Watch.On October 10th, I wrote this blog post: Facebook: A question Am I being paranoid or is there a hint here that this information and personal fotos were lifted directly from Facebook, without the express action/permission of the family involved?? Is this album available…

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