Offline Community plug: I’ve volunteered to help the AidsTrust at Sydney Food & Wine Fair 2005, on Saturday 29th October.

Over 70 of Sydney’s finest restaurants will be on board whipping up their signature dishes, alluring morsels and heavenly desserts, all at a fraction of the price one would pay at one of these excellent establishments. There will be over 30 of the state’s top wineries, coffee houses and even a selection of smooth jazz, dj grooves and cabaret performers

They’ve asked for volunteers for the following:

1. Friday 28th October between the hours 10.00am-5.00pm to help cover stalls with plastic, put up signs and help unload some supplies for the fair.
2. Saturday 29th October, the day of the fair, between 8.00am-6.00pm, with half-day vacancies available.

Half-day times are as follows:
· 8am- 1pm
· 12pm-5pm
· 4pm-8pm
· 11am-3pm*

Should be fun and may just keep me out of trouble for a few hours. Read more here and then ring 1800 689 188 or email to volunteer. Go on, it’ll leave a good feeling inside your stomach.