1. In some ways the whole world is media- or content. Even sniffing a bbq or watching a sunset is content. But it’s remarkably unhelpful to consider everything as content/media and not differentiate.

    We used to understand that some sites were not media – they were transactional or ecommerce sites. I’m trying to point out that banks online (social or otherwise), fundraising online, and so on are not media sites.

    Incidentally there is zero social media in social telecommunications. It’s a dongle that you add to your router to share bandwidth with the social network. Zero videos, comments, ratings.

    BTW I think it makes us look incredibly naive when we talk to media organisations when we confuse social media with social economies. No newspaper confuses an ad for a bank with the actual banking. Nor should we.

    A bank that thinks web 2.0 is all about social media and not social banking runs the risk of limiting their strategies to marketing, and not considering that the whole banking structure may change in the future. We don’t need more widgets and viral seeded ads, we need an understanding of the power of peer to peer finance.

    Thats why I differentiate between video/photo/multimedia media sites and transactional social economy communities.

  2. Anirudhya, some basic questions what is the difference if Ritwik Ghatak or Satyajit Ray or Anil made films about poverty OR if Danny Bolye made it? Why and what has Indianess to do anything with a story which attempts to capture the spirit and hope of human beings, inspite of their supposedly bad living conditions. Whether the movie was set in Mumbai or London or Newyork, what difference does it make to the fact that there are similar poor children waiting to make something of their lives instead of ending up dying on the streets, all over the world! I really dont know when we Indians come out of our self reference and Narrow mindedness and appreciated that poverty and human stories embedded in poverty are global and that sentiment is what explains the euphoria that Slumdog has created. I hope you would have thought and discussed your opinions with people across the world before wasting your energies and the webspace of PFC

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