1. “This is how we maybe should feel about companies we deal with. But we don’t want to be told that’s how we feel about them.”

    Agree 100%. It’s tacky and soul-less. Sigh.. is it all down hill from here?

  2. …yes.

    Actually, no. Facebook can create as many digital graveyard pages as the rest of the ‘net does. Y’know, pretty pages that never update. Groups sucks, pages will suck more.

    However, I’m into the personality applications right now. 🙂 and buying pixel drinks. Over the sheep thing, but. 😛

  3. I’m a year or two late on this but, awesome post Laurel, i love the comment from Zuckerberg – “the power of Facebook Applications was that the member didn’t realise they were consuming advertising and passing them on” – bang on 🙂

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