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How to get a custom URL for Google Plus. Replaces with Google’s official version of a Facebook USERNAME.

If you aren’t on Google Plus already you are mad. Given that Google has changed search engine optimisation (SEO) to include SMO (social media optimisation) and then allocated the greatest amount of points to Google Plus, you need to be on it. It’s growing enormously (I have 26,000 connections already in 10 months) and I have more interactions on there. Google Plus Business Pages suck as much as Facebook Pages though, as they are identical. Can anyone say “rip off”?


How to add a Google Plus custom URL

I am on my PROFILE menu (right errr left hand side), and the “Your profile is preapproved for the custom URL:” pops up. yay!

Feel free to request a different one but it will take a while…

More information on Google Plus Custom URL’s

Copied and Pasted directly from Google Plus Help because I know you are too lazy to click (want me to read it to you too? :P)

Custom URLs for Google Plus

 A custom URL is a short, easy to remember web address that links directly to your profile or page.

For example, YouTube can direct people to to get to their Google+ page rather than

Pro tip! If you know someone’s custom URL, you can quickly access areas of their Google+ Profile or Page by adding key words to the end of the URL. Some examples are:


Q: How do you use a  Google Plus custom URL?

A: Once you’ve claimed your custom URL, your Google+ profile or page can be accessed by typing in your web browser.

Q: Can anyone have a Google Plus custom URL?

A: At this time, custom URLs are only available to a limited number of Google+ profiles and pages.  Over time, we plan to extend their availability to many more profiles and pages.

Q: Can my Google Plus custom URL be anything I want?

A: We have pre-assigned a custom URL which is related to the name of your Google+ profile or page. Custom URLs must be used in compliance with the Google+ User Content and Conduct policies. If you aren’t happy with the recommended URL, you have the option of requesting a different one.

Note: Google+ custom URLs must be more than 5 characters long. Google reserves the right to reclaim any custom URLs.

Q: I’ve requested a different custom URL, how long is the review process?

A: Reviews may take a few days. Once a decision has been made, we’ll let you know. You can check on the status of your request from your profile:

  1. Navigate to your profile
  2. Click the About tab
  3. You can view your status where it says Google+ URL

If your request is pending, your requested Google+ URL will be shown in grey. If your request has been approved, your Google+ URL will be listed as a working link. If, after you’ve submitted a request, you see no Google+ URL listed, your request has been declined. Google reserves the right to reclaim any custom URLs.

Q: Why can’t I claim any Google Plus custom URL that I want?

A: If your custom URL violates the Google+ User Content and Conduct policies, it can’t be claimed. If you’re having difficulty claiming a URL, it may be due to one of the following reasons:

  1. If the custom URL has already been claimed, it is no longer available. Only one Google+ page or profile can have any specific custom URL.
  2. The term you’re attempting to use for your URL is generic, such as water or hamburger.
  3. The term you’re attempting to use for your URL is unique to a another entity (e.g. Google, YouTube).

Q: Can I have more than one Google Plus custom URL for my Google+ page or profile?

A: No. You may only have one custom URL per eligible Google+ page or profile.

Q: What happens to my Google Plus custom URL if I change my name or the name of my Google+ page or profile?

A: Your custom URL must be related to the current name on your Profile or Page. If the custom URL no longer reflects your name, the custom URL may be reclaimed. Google reserves the right to reclaim any custom URLs.

Q: Can I claim my Google Plus custom URL from my mobile device?

A: Currently, the claiming process is only supported on desktop.

Q: How do I get started in claiming my Google Plus custom URL?

A: Read step-by-step instructions on how to claim your custom URL or request a different URL.

Q: Why can’t I have a custom Google Plus URL?

A: Some people are not eligible for custom URLs at this time. Stay tuned!

There you go. Throw away your link, Google has spoken!

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  • Lee Hopkins

    Alas, not me just yet. No little popup telling me I’m eligible. I await with baited breath.

  • Christopher R. Parr

    Neither am I….

  • Caesar Wong

    I think it’s still only available for people with verified accounts and people in lots of circles.

  • Taylan

    Why do you misinform us? There is no such a change yet ! At least not for all

  • Mike van der Heijden

    Was wondering when they would finally release this. But alas, not yet available for me in Australia.

    • Grant Merriel

      I’m hearing ya Mikey Boi, Still nothing for me either.

  • Dan Tobias

    I too am not given the option. Perhaps you need a certain number of people in your circles.

  • Malena Lin

    I couldn’t find anywhere to claim url. Does google give this function to some certain users?

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  • Tony McGurk

    I noticed that Barak Obama’s page has a custon url. Guess yu have to be famous to get one…

  • joey

    you can make the days as short or long as you like.

  • Leona

    Custom URLs. Knew that they would come with this one at a point of time. Just added a + so that it does not look like Facebook. Still did not get mine. First Google employees will get them, then the most active users. And so on. Location is not a clause for this availability. Time has come that some day Google may even act like GOD. Not impressed.

  • Dinesh Nuthalapati

    To get a Custom URL , one need to be a celebrity or a famous person

    If you are not a famous person recognized by the world , you don’t get a custom url ,
    If you became a celebrity over night , on the next day a pop up opens in your Google plus profile mentioning your profile is approved for custom url.

  • wiyono

    how to become “preapproved for the custom URL”?

    Thank you

  • Simon Woodcock

    Waiting, waiting waiting. Come on google, chuck us a custom url invite!

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  • cbbsproducts

    i’m trying to make my url on g+

  • PortraitsByRod

    Thanks for the post. Very helpful.

  • Michael Vale

    This is some BS dude….it’s already April 2013 and I still can’t get this. Total BS brahh….

  • dadeecc

    Title should’ve been “Why some may and some may NOT claim a custom URL, currently” not
    How To Add Custom URL to Google Plus G+ which shows exactly nothing. Yes.

  • dadeecc

    Title should’ve been “Why some may and some may NOT claim a custom URL, currently” not
    How To Add Custom URL to Google Plus G+ which shows exactly nothing. Yes.

  • Mazen M

    i want to use this on my site : and my page is :

  • Mazen M

    i want to use this on my site : and my page is :

  • Blerta

    How can I request a different URL when there is no such button as in your picture?
    Their suggestion of my url contains ‘ë’ and it’s pretty messy to have such letters in URL’s? Help…

  • oswreview

    Em, what if you’re not a popular celebrity that’s been pre-approved? Is there a minimum circle requirement?

  • Dhivyaraja Shruthi Light Music

    I got a custom url


  • suraj

    Can anyone tell me how to change the url of Google plus community

  • Max Pen

    can we have a custom url for google+ communities?

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