I run another blog on location based services and GPS technology. Problem is, the online communities/social networks and user generated content Web 2.0 area and location based services are starting to merge…

Webraska’s new Web 2.0 initiative to be fully compatible with Webraska Navigation for GPS mobile phones
Webraska, a leading provider of mobile GPS navigation solutions and high-end geospatial software platforms for wireless carriers and major service providers worldwide, is pleased to announce the launch of Webraska Inuk, its new platform designed to allow location-based service operators to support user-created dynamic content.

Webraska Inuk is a powerful and flexible platform enabling service operators, content providers, business users and end-users to dynamically integrate, location-enable, manage, update, and distribute large data bases of content-rich data.

Webraska Inuk is ideally suited for:

  • Telecom operators, Directory Assistance, Internet portals and other service providers owning large content data bases that require daily dynamic update and automatic maintenance.
  • Content providers such as tourist or city guides providers or event organizers who wish to share their content with all users of Webraska Navigation, Orange Navigation, Orange SatNav, Vodafone Navigator, WhereIs Navigator, or other Internet or mobile applications.
  • Business users who need to update and share locations and addresses at any time with all their mobile employees, exclusively.
  • Consumer service operators such as Mobile Operators wishing to offer rich content, location-enabled advertisement and Web 2.0 services around GPS navigation and other location-based services.

Full press release here

… well, not really a problem. I can’t wait!!! šŸ™‚