1. Looks great but I hope yr not going.. isn’t this the day of your Social Network course at Sydney Uni?!

  2. *pouts*
    There’s only three signups at the moment for my new Uni course. So I have to do one of two things. Start hawking the courses around to get at least four more members (first time the course is being run at the Uni, so a bit slow in takeup).
    Or quietly ignore it all and hope they cancel it with 3 members being too few.

    I also have a possible presentation to give that day, at a conference. Of course every other day of the bloomin’ week, I’m free *grouches*

    What do I do? Let the course fall over – such a lot of work to no avail 🙁 – or start talking it up on blogs and such? You guys tell me…

  3. Hmm, it’s the old when it rains it pours situation. Well I’m happy to do course at later date or other format (although I do like formality of actually attending a course and being forced to pay attention).

    I’m sure I could rouse the interest a few more people.. the course does sound really great.

    But maybe its fortuitous and yr supposed to attend the other conference? Let me know what you’d prefer..

  4. Yeah I’m supposed to attend the other conference- FFX sent me a VIP pass. Forgot to mention that – ages ago 😛

    Let’s do the course another time, email me and Ill let you know dates etc.

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