Melbourne Metaverse Hub with Two Bulls, Austrade and Translucia Global

Metaverse Australia News. A new Metaverse Hub in Melbourne: built by Two Bulls and Translucia with Austrade and Accenture.

Metaverse News Australia: Melbourne Metaverse Hub with Two Bulls, Austrade and Translucia Global

Austrade with the Victorian Government and Department of Foreign Affairs identified Two Bulls to work with Translucia (Thailand) and MQDC (Thailand) and Accenture to create a 100 million dollar Metaverse hub in Melbourne.

Metaverse News Australia

TRANSCRIPTION of Metaverse News Australia video on Melbourne Metaverse Hub with Two Bulls and Translucia

Hello, and welcome to Metaverse News. My name is Laurel Papworth. You may not know that Korea has invested $177,000,000 in their Metaverse strategy and United Arab Emirates, Dubai has committed to 40,000 jobs by 2030. This made me think about how Australia is playing in the metaverse space, given that Dubai wants to be in the top ten metaverse hubs in the world. And I’ve got some good news, a little bit of good news.

Not a huge amount, but some. The Australian Trade Commission, AusTrade, has brought together Two Bulls creative with the Thai company Translucia, and together they’re creating products and services and virtual worlds and that sort of thing, through a hub that’s going to be brought into being in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Located in Melbourne, this is a $100 million metaverse hub that hopefully will give Dubai and Korea something to aim for as well. They’re planning to create Translucia metaverse, where people move seamlessly between IRL (in real life), then presumably through augmented layers into virtual reality and into virtual worlds. So connected worlds, the metaverse real life and online.

The Thai real estate company MQDC is working with Accenture to provide a feature rich metaverse with translucia metaverse. Austrade worked with the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Victorian Government to identify Two Bulls as one of the companies to profile and work with Thai organisations. So I’m very tempted to move from New South Wales down to Victoria and be part of this metaverse hub. But one assumes at some time in the future there will be other hubs in other locations around Australia as well. What those hubs exactly will look like, I’m trying to identify, but I would say something like a technology hub that meets virtual reality.

As always, if you want the links to the articles and more indepth information, like the UAE government website for their announcement, that will be on my website, metaversementor.com.au and I have a two day metaverse course coming up in Sydney at the beginning of October, if you’re interested. It’s not a technical course. We won’t be developing worlds in unity or unreal engine or anything. It’s a business strategy campaign based course.

So I hope to see you there, then.

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