Zune’ing around.

We love Jim Benson. Yes we do.

We’re Gonna Zune Zune Zune ah Zune
I guess I don’t understand what a Launch is. Techmeme is abuzz today about Microsoft “Launching” their iPod called Zune. But you can’t buy one until the holidays and they won’t tell you how much one will cost.That’s not really a Launch.

Social networking gets bounced around here too because Zune’s have 802.11 built in and you can send music and video to someone nearby. It’s highly DRMed – the recipient can only view it three times. If they don’t view it three times within three days, it disappears anyway. That’s called Social Networking by some. More accurately, it’s temporary file sharing.

The Zune sure looks nice.

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And I guess the 802.11 statement answers my earlier question

What do they mean by “access to online communities”, please? Anyone? If I find out – later – I’ll post an update.

See. I kept my promise. For once.

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