Will Google fold YouTube, Gmail and Places into Google Plus? Suddenly 1.5 billion users on one platform, with Businesses having only one Page to manage. Good or no? Oh, and Google’s Authorship Markup suddenly screws with your SEO (search engine optimisation) and SMO (social media optimisation) in ways that you can only imagine. (Google’s SMO search algorithm)

One Business Page/Channel To Rule Them All. My Precioussesss. 

The images show the eery similarity between the rebranding of YouTube into OneChannel and Google Plus. Of course Google Plus could get a new name of OneChannel instead?

Youtube dead, Google Plus wins.

OneChannel To Rule Them All

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How do you go from 1/2 a billion members to over a billion in a month? Merge YouTube, Gmail and Google Plus.  YouTube has over 1 billion monthly active users, Gmail and Google Plus are both on 1/2 a billion MAUs (Monthly Active Users). In comparison Facebook has 1 billion MAUs.  One quick way to convince Business to migrate to Google Plus business pages is to bring all their customer channels together.

Imagine logging into your Google Plus profile and you have new menus on the left: Video, Mail, Places. Easy to imagine withe the Google Plus layout so similar to Youtube OneChannel and new Gmail.

Otherwise how else do you explain how much Google’s video service YouTube is looking like Google Plus these days? Compare old and new:

Then I had another look at Gmail rebranding – new compose, new bits and bobs and it occurred to me how easy it would be to just rebrand it as Google Plus.

Gmail google plus circles

Click to see Google Plus Circles


Merging of Google Plus Business Pages & Google Places is a no-brainer. Facebook already has merged Facebook Places and Business Pages, it makes sense not to run two separate business Pages, one for your shop and one for your shop’s location.

If  you were wondering what a Google Plus profile looks like, here’s mine. A lot like Blendtec new OneChannel profile and nothing like Cocacola old YouTube profile.  Or you can look at my YouTube channel and my Google Plus Profile.

YouTube, Gmail, Google Places are Dead, Long Live Google Plus?google plus profile